contribution to "Accessoire Funeraire"

"falling asleep, when tired,
let all burdens behind
you have been carrying for so long,
it is such a consoling,
blissful thing ..."

Hermann Hesse - Das Glasperlenspiel

The suggestion of the "Red Carpet" and the "Vienna Funeral Parlour" fascinated us:

What became more and more clear during lengthy discussions and considerations (and became our life's philosophy as well) has now been molded into a sculpture:

Deliberately deciding to die.

Life is not about getting a few more days at the end, because a fulfilled life does not happen shortly before your exitus, but is the result of a considerate and active life during the whole long time before.

Thats why we want to make the most important of all decisions ourselves and not let it be due to a coincidental accident or organ failure.

Therefore the decision to commit suicide is really a commitment to a mindful life, a "BEINGone"!

Because of the decision this becomes very clear and is deeply anchored in your self, changes the view towards life and your own actions.

To have time at the end, to be able to calmly say your Goodbyes and speak about everything that is still unsaid - joined by those people who mean the most to you and are your closest persons. Your beloved partner at your side, who wants to join you on the ultimate journey, because true lovers ARE truly ONE. They live BEINGone and cannot live without that.

This decision lends substance to every other decision: for yourself, your partner and all those who where there ...

"BEINGone" will not end as just another exhibit in a museum, but as a "living" work of art it will be used for our own funeral!