Requiem - the Song of Songs of Life


"... an outstanding work which I was totally enthusiastic about. And it delights me, that we could support it ..."
Mag. D. Kunert

"... I have to congratulate to this fascinating work. It shows the very complex thinking of Nitsch with poetic beauty ... the visualization is very convincing and really enthuses me ..."
Prof. W. Denk

"... there is so much to find, every time I watch it I discover something new ... probably only after I have seen it many times the whole of the work will reveal itself ..."
M. Graff
Kulturausschußvorsitzende Wien 1

"... how much I appreciate your work should be told by the fact that I really want to have it for our House ... a very convincing and unique work!"
Prof. J.-L. Gartner
president Künstlerhaus Wien

"I am enthused! The video does not give me any peace, it is a challenge ...
You also emphasized the breathing tones in an excellent way. Congratulations to this brilliant work!"
P.J. Marthé
conductor Europ. Philharm. Orchestra

"I feel this work deep in my heart ... the combination of picture, text and music has been done in a great aesthetic and philosophic way ... I really want to say thank you very much - and that it makes me proud to have lent my voice to this work!"
G. Zevola
artist&consulter O.M.T.

"Congratulations to this film ... the presentation in this unique style is impressive and very adequate to its actionism."
Mag. G. Dolezal
Dolezal AG & collector

".. it is great, really beautiful and strong work.
Dr. D. Eccher
Director GAM - Fondazione Torino Musei

"... just watch this gorgeous work of my friend ..."
Prof. Hermann NITSCH